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Hey there!

As everyone knows, we moved to a our new location! It was smooth, but took most of our time up on our weekends. The past two weeks of Saturday Call-ins were very limited and we apologize! We are doing many updates on everything as time goes on, but for now we want to let everyone know that we are getting some crop tops coming!!! Hopefully before summer ends. Is there anything that you'd like us to order for merch? i.e. keychains, mugs, shirts, hoodies, etc. Let us know in the comments below!

Updates on schedules, Charline, Andy, and Janelle have officially closed their books until further notice, but Janelle and Andy will be doing Saturday Call-ins for smaller tattoos! We have an exciting announcement, but that will be in another blog! We are super excited about it.

Until the next time, be safe and have a great summer.




Saturday-Call ins get very busy in the morning and so if the line is busy, we ask to wait for a minute and call back! Thank you for your patience.


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