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Starting January 9th, we will be having our very first Call-in day!!! So it is like walk-in days, but we are adjusting and adapting to our current situation with Covid-19 still on the rise. We will be doing first come first serve; in this case First call First Serve. This is a day for people to get in when they want smaller tattoos. We will be doing max 2 hour tattoos, so smaller softball size tattoos. We will NOT be doing cover ups, touch ups, starting of large pieces or even continue of large pieces. We want to get in the people who want small tattoos but don't want to wait for months to get in! If you want a certain artist, request them if they are working that day! We will be asking a series of questions and taking temperatures before any service to ensure our safety and yours! January 9th at 12pm, give us a call and get on the list! This will continue every Saturday for 2021! We are very excited about this, hope to see you there. Please be safe and transparent with us as we all go through this pandemic together! A tattoo is not worth anyone's life! Thank you.

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